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Chapter 3 prophet
likiłidem problem could have handled only one person prophet person who is a dealer in school for a certain amount of money buy everything from drugs to cigarettes much to exchange
The prophet does not come as Adam and Martyna with Paleto Bay only from Paris The Alliance was known there but moved to Paleto Bay prophet comes from a children's home in Paris as everyone smokes and drinks even sometimes stoned

rozdzał 2
Adam had a girlfriend Martyna pretty sweet, it a year younger than one year has brown hair and blue eyes wears a gold necklace around his neck. Adam together with pastors and other colleagues with the girl. They came up with a plan for after school saw the post in cigarettes is only remnants of tobacco and pastors say it,
-Adam Remember this guy-he asked one of the pastors
- The electrician, said Adam
-czyżby you plan said Adam
Of course, I have a question we play in vaperuw
- I just said Martyn
- I also added Mr. Adam
- We have a plan
After 15 minutes the striker hundred peasants who knows how to come up with a plan in 10 minutes
I invented a simple plan was started as one of the pastoruw went before a smoker and the other will at the gate Santos and Adam and Martyna does not have an easy task.
You ready, she said Martyn
-gotowy.odpowiedział Adam
I started Adam took off like a sprinter, and in a split second
wrenched with great force electrician and run after a direction
Santos pastor there waiting to close the gate and succeeded but not only pulled electrician także.wyrywał cocaine but he kept the drug put in a safe place and then lit e-cigarette and were vaperami only had a problem with likiłidemale as you know, everything is advice.

... ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ROZDZAŁ 1 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ...
Paleto Bay is a town located in the east of France. He lives 14 year old Adam Philips (nickname Diablo) is a little boy with black hair and black eyes because they said to him, Diablo has one younger brother, the max.
His house is one of a family on the outskirts of the city so I had a lot of space to play and not only. His colleagues call them twins
Pastors because you behave badly and vulgarly come from a children's home which is located in the center of Paris because France are so vulgar. Fourteen year old boy is not so polite sometimes light sometimes drank so not so good. Therefore, sometimes commits foolish.

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